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2018 Area Membership Meetings  |  Vision: Engaged

AMM 2018 cover.pngTraining  |  Recognition  |  Networking  |  Vision

  • Registration, Networking & Exhibitors  |  4:30 PM
  • Vision Session  |  5:00 to 5:45 PM
  • Break  |  5:45 to 6:00 PM
  • Training Sessions #1  |  6:00 to 6:35 PM
  • Break  |  6:35 to 6:45 PM
  • Training Sessions #2  |  6:45 to 7:20 PM
  • Networking Dinner & Awards/Recognition  |  7:25 PM

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  • $20 cancellation fee by the registration deadline. No refunds after the deadline.

    Registration fees for the meetings and dinner are as follows:

  • Non-Member Registration:  CLICK HERE

    Please email Makenzie Brookhouser with any dietary restrictions,

  • Monday, August 27  |  Valentine  |  Valentine High School/Peppermill Restaurant
  • Tuesday, August 28  |  Gering  |  Gering Civic Center
  • Wednesday, August 29  |  Kearney  |  Holiday Inn
  • Wednesday, September 12  |  Nebraska City  |  Nebraska City High School/Lied Lodge
  • Wednesday, September 19  |  York  |  Holthus Convention Center
  • Wednesday, September 26  |  North Platte  |  Sandhills Convention Center
  • Wednesday, October 3  |  Norfolk  |  Lifelong Learning Center
  • Wednesday, October 10  |  Omaha  |  Embassy Suites LaVista
  • Wednesday, October 17  |  Fremont  |  Fremont Middle School/Fremont Golf Club


5:00 PM  |  Vision: Engaged .....  One Vision – One State
  • From creating a vision, to continuing a vision, we’ve now reach the point of engaging our vision.  With feedback from the past few years, see how we are now moving forward and putting items into action as we all work towards addressing Nebraska’s reliance on property taxes for school funding.

6:00 PM
  • Gallup: Turning Talents into Strengths
  • Do you ever wonder why you make certain choices? Why you are better at some things than others? There’s a reason. It’s your talents. NASB Director of Search Service, Shari Becker, was recently licensed as a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach. This session will provide an overview of Gallup’s terminology and philosophies. We will discuss how understanding and maximizing your individual/team strengths can contribute to a quality environment and create the best opportunity for success as a board and leadership team.  
  • Presented by Shari Becker, Director of Leadership Search Service

  • Protecting Our Precious Assets from Bell to Bell
  • It’s no small feat, keeping students and staff safe at school.  This session will share facts, tools, PR templates and data regarding active shooters, playgrounds, suicide, employee injuries, you name it.  We can’t cover them in bubble wrap but let’s chat about what we can do and say, before, during, and after a school incident.  
  • Presented by Megan Boldt, Director of ALICAP/Insurance

  • I Don’t Know, What I Don’t Know!
  • What do you need to know about ESSA, AQuESST, and School Improvement?  This session will provide you with a brief overview of how federal legislation and the Nebraska state accreditation system impact the work and planning at the board table.
  • Presented by Marcia Herring, Director of Board Leadership
6:45 PM
  • Rolling Down the Road towards Delegate Assembly
  • Delegate Assembly. NASB’s official business meeting for the year. So much more than a few hours during State Conference.  It is a commitment from each district to shape the gameplan for the next 364 days, specifically how you, locally elected school board members can lead and react to what will take place in the upcoming legislative session.  Learn about your role the morning of, and from there on.  See how you can assist and drive the conversation as we modify and create legislation, and advocate for your district, community, and all of Nebraska.  Find ways to best utilize NASB’s legislative team year-round to maximize efforts and learn about key timelines, processes, and ways you and your district can be heard, and make a true difference every day inside your buildings, and inside the Capitol as well.  
  • Presented by Colby Coash, Associate Executive Director/Director of Government Relations, and Matt Belka, Director of Marketing, Communication & Advocacy

  • Organizing the Chaos: Superintendent Evaluation and Board Self-Assessment
  • The one critical action of the Board is to evaluate the superintendent.  This process requires the board to utilize the board adopted evaluation tool, purposeful planning, and effective execution. This session will provide the board with tools, tips, and techniques for conducting an effective superintendent evaluation.  The Association then advocates for a board self-assessment to appraise the governance team success, board-superintendent relations, and a method by which to identify areas of growth of the board’s roles and responsibilities.  
  • Presented by Marcia Herring, Director of Board Leadership

  • Cool Tools for School Boards in Developing Resilient Students
  • More results are coming in from schools working to increase student resilience. It is obvious now that effective classrooms and supportive relationships are the most important components in developing resilience to adversity.  We’ll discuss several ways your board can prepare the way toward developing more resilient students and the benefits your students will gain.  
  • Presented by Jim Luebbe, Director of Policy Service
15 awards of achievement points will be earned for attending
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