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Government Relations & Advocacy

NASB serves as an advocate for public education and local school governance, and is 
YOUR collective voice in the Legislature. 

  • NASB strives to serve and inspire its members to work as a team with legislators and state officials to secure laws and regulations that benefit Nebraska’s public schools. 
  • NASB represents the interests of school board members with our state lawmakers, lobbying in support of the school boards and local control.  
  • NASB works for and with YOU to secure laws and regulations that benefit public schools.
  • NASB is guided by a legislative agenda that is developed annuall by YOU, initiated with submissions from YOU, and approved at the NASB's Delegate Assembly each November by YOU

To have a say in future legislation, click here to send us your Legislative Submissions. Submissions for the upcoming year are due July 1, but ideas are accepted for future consideration year round:

Matt Belka  |  Nebraska Association of School Boards
1311 Stockwell Street  |  Lincoln, NE 68502  |  FAX 402-423-4961

*You may also contact Matt Belka for assistance in drafting your Board’s proposals.

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John Spatz
Executive Director

Matt Belka
Director of Marketing, Communications & Advocacy

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Legislative Resolutions & Standing Positions

The legislative agenda is initiated each year with your submission from local board proposals. Our advocacy team also monitors state and federal legislative developments and communicates to our members’ legislative activities, updates on state and federal laws, court decisions and other legal issues for public schools.

Last year’s Delegate Assembly to determine NASB’s 2016 legislative agenda saw 88 items approved by membership. These can be found in the above download, and are the basis for NASB's legislative agenda going into the session.    

60 Days are in the books ...

LegNotes Screenshot.png
April 20, 2016 - The chamber lights are now figuratively off until next January 2017.  From a school board perspective, what started off fast, slowed down some before picking up again at the end.  
450 bills were introduced to start this session.  NASB, and the Legislation Committee, then set its sights on about 65 of those.  Add in 19 carryover bills that had the potential to come into play from the 2015 session and there were a total of 84 bills on our radar the past few months.
Included in those 84 were six bills introduced on NASB’s behalf. Of those six, three ended up being signed into law by the Governor.   
  • LB 874 (Murante) - Change procedures for filling vacancies on school boards.  This bill makes the vacancy law for schools the same as other political sub-divisions.  Specifically, if a vacancy occurs in the first two years of a term the bill will allow the appointed person to serve until the end of the term as opposed to until the next election.
  • LB 876 (Murante) - Authorize electronic voting devices for public bodies in public meetings.  Allows school boards to use electronic devices for voting like other political subdivisions. 
  • LB 1002 (Baker) - Permit educational service unit boards to pay membership dues to associations of school boards.
To learn more about this session, visit the Legislative Notes page. 


NSBA Advocates For Public Education

NSBA.jpgThe National School Boards Association advocates for public education. Their Office of Federal Advocacy and Public Policy represents the interests of 90,000 local school board members in Congress allowing us to be heard at the federal level and within other public policy forums pertinent to public education. They prioritize such federal efforts as federal funding, early childhood education and have recently kicked off the “Stand up 4 Public Schools” campaign to bring a collective voice in support of public education.

Click here for the NSBA Federal Legislative Priorities

Click here for more information on Stand Up 4 Public Schools

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