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Government Relations

NASB serves as an advocate for public education and local school governance. The Association strives to serve its members, and inspires its members to work as a team with legislators and state officials to secure laws and regulations that benefit Nebraska’s public schools. One of the Association’s advocacy goals is to represent the interests of school board members with our state lawmakers. NASB lobbies in support of the school boards, guided by the legislative agenda that is developed by the Legislation Committee. The Legislative agenda is initiated each year with the submission of local board proposals/legislative resolutions. Our advocacy team also monitors state and federal legislative developments and communicates to our members’ legislative activities, updates on state and federal laws, court decisions and other legal issues for public schools.


NASB Contacts

John Spatz
Executive Director

Jennifer Jorgensen
Legal Counsel

Matt Belka
Director of Marketing and Communications

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NSBA Advocates For Public Education

The National School Boards Association advocates for public education. Their Office of Federal Advocacy and Public Policy represents the interests of 90,000 local school board members in Congress allowing us to be heard at the federal level and within other public policy forums pertinent to public education. They prioritize such federal efforts as federal funding, early childhood education and have recently kicked off the “Stand up 4 Public Schools” campaign to bring a collective voice in support of public education.

Click here for the NSBA Federal Legislative Priorities

Click here for more information on Stand Up 4 Public Schools


2014 Legislative Session Adjourned

The 103rd Legislature 2nd session, which kicked off January 8th, officially ended April 17, 2014. The 2014 Legislative Session has had its share of twists, turns, yay’s and nay’s.

Although it only FEELS like the entire session was devoted to can we or can’t we protect ourselves against a charging mountain lion should it approach you while walking through town after a Starbucks run, there was actually a lot more covered. Items like Expanding Medicaid for Health Care, Prison Reform, Water, Tax Relief, and the State Budget have been at the forefront. Not to mention discussing a new airplane for the Governor, historic horse racing, novelty lighters, and of course, fountains inside the Capitol courtyards. Within this 2nd Session alone, 460 bills were introduced and 393 were carried over from last year, 168 became law with Governor approval, six bills were vetoed by the Governor, of which five of those were overridden by the legislature, one vetoed bill was not overridden (meow!), 23 were indefinitely postponed, and 6 withdrawn.

Track the 2014 Legislature with NASB’s Legislative Notes. Visit