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Legislative Bills  |  105th Legislature, 2nd Session 

NASB was extremely busy this session, testifying on over 30 bills in front of just about every Committee.  Roughly half have been from the offensive/long-term solution/investment point of view, with the other half defending local control and fighting the various bills that we feel centralize public education in Nebraska. 

NASB has also had a seat at the table on all of the various tax bills in front of the Revenue Committee this session, and have continued to voice that whatever bill(s) come out this year need to break the narrative that spending is the problem, and that for any meaningful property tax relief, there has to be alternative revenue sources.  So far, NASB is welcome at this table, and is able to be a voice for the education community. Where all of this will go, and what may be amended into what is all so up in the air. Now that committee hearings are done, there is likely to be a much clearer picture.

We encourage you to stay involved and educated on everything going on inside the Capitol, and understand it is a complicated process, with a lot of moving parts, and various players.  Stay tuned ...

Priority Bills (P) NASB followed for 2018:
  • LB 44 - Sen. Watermeier - Final Reading
  • LB 295 - Sen. Linehan - General File
  • LB 548 - Nebraska Retirement Systems - General File
  • LB 640 - Sen. Groene - General File
  • LB 714 - Speaker - Approved by Governor
  • LB 729 - Speaker - Approved by Governor
  • LB 778 - Education - General File
  • LB 803 - Speaker - Approved by Governor
  • LB 829 - Sen. Erdman
  • LB 873 - Urban Affairs - Returned by Governor without approval
  • LB 947 - Sen. Smith - General File
  • LB 998 - Sen. Bolz - Returned by Governor without approval
  • LB 1005 - Nebraska Retirement Systems - Approved by Governor
  • LB 1034 - Sen. Riepe - Approved by Governor
  • LB 1069 - Sen. Brasch - General File
  • LB 1081 - Education - Approved by Governor
  • LB 1084 - Sen. Briese
  • LB 1103 - Sen. Friesen - General File
  • LB 1108 - Sen. Harr
Instructions on filtering:
  • The filters below shows key bills we believe school board members should be aware of.
  • For more detailed information and talking points on key bills, click anywhere on the line of that particular bill below.
  • All 1,136 bills can be read in full detail at

2018 Legislative Bills NASB Is Following
Bill NumberIntroducerOneLinePositionLegislative CommitteeDay Of HearingStatus
LB668Executive BoardRevisor bill to eliminate inconsistent language related to the enrollment option program   Approved by Governor
LB669Executive BoardRevisor bill to repeal obsolete provisions related to educational bridge programs   Approved by Governor
LB671KristChange requirements for certain driving permits and use of occupant protection systems, change certain violations from secondary to primary enforcement, and prohibit use of interactive wireless communication devices by school bus operators Transportation and Telecommunications1/23/2018Held by Committee
LB688BloodProvide for the possession, use, and application of sunscreen for children and students and provide immunity Judiciary1/25/2018Held by Committee
LB693BloodRegulate and create criminal offenses regarding the use of unmanned aircraft systems Judiciary2/23/2018Held by Committee
LB698KoltermanChange powers and duties of the Public Employees Retirement Board Nebraska Retirement Systems1/19/2018Held by Committee
LB699KoltermanRedefine actuarial equivalent in certain retirement acts as prescribed Nebraska Retirement Systems1/19/2018Held by Committee
LB714Howard(P)Provide a procedure for judicial emancipation of a minor Judiciary1/24/2018Approved by Governor
LB726WayneRequire insurance coverage for in vitro fertilization procedures Banking, Commerce and Insurance2/5/2018Held by Committee
LB729Wayne(P)Allow claims arising out of misrepresentation or deceit under the Political Subdivisions Tort Claims Act and State Tort Claims Act Judiciary1/25/2018Approved by Governor
LB767QuickAdopt changes to the state building code Urban Affairs2/13/2018Held by Committee
LB768QuickRedefine economic development program to include early childhood infrastructure development for cities of the first and second class and villagesSupportUrban Affairs1/23/2018General File
LB770McCollisterChange provisions relating to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance ProgramSupportHealth and Human Services2/7/2018Held by Committee
LB771WalzAdopt the Child Hunger and Workforce Readiness ActSupportEducation1/16/2018Held by Committee
LB772WalzChange provisions relating to agricultural land that receives special valuation Revenue1/19/2018Held by Committee
LB778Groene(P)Require voter approval for school district building fund leviesOpposeEducation1/16/2018General File
LB779GroeneChange provisions relating to learning communities Education1/22/2018Held by Committee
LB783VargasDefine "educational interpreter" for purposes of students eligible for special education as prescribed Education1/22/2018Held by Committee
LB801StinnerAdopt the Panhandle Beginnings Act to provide certain services to school-age children Education2/12/2018Held by Committee
LB803Stinner(P)Change provisions related to kindergarten, early childhood education, and the Step Up to Quality Childcare Act Education1/22/2018Approved by Governor
LB804BraschInclude elementary and secondary schools in the Nebraska educational savings plan trust and change tax benefitsOpposeRevenue1/26/2018Held by Committee
LB828LoweAdopt the Empowerment Savings Account ActOpposeEducation1/30/2018Held by Committee
LB829Erdman(P)Adopt the Property Tax Relief ActOpposeRevenue1/25/2018Held by Committee
LB850LinehanRequire disclosure of the anticipated cost to a political subdivision to pay off its bonds Government, Military and Veterans Affairs1/31/2018Held by Committee
LB851LinehanLimit superintendent and educational service unit administrator compensationOpposeEducation1/22/2018Held by Committee
LB873Urban Affairs(P)Change provisions relating to cities of particular classes and villages, correct and include references as prescribed, and eliminate obsolete provisions and repeal definitionsSupportUrban Affairs1/16/2018Passed Notwithstanding Objections of Gov.
LB876KolowskiChange special education reimbursementsSupportEducation1/30/2018Held by Committee
LB877KolowskiChange provisions related to early childhood education in the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support ActSupportEducation1/30/2018Held by Committee
LB880HansenProvide for an early childhood element in a comprehensive plan developed by a citySupportUrban Affairs1/23/2018General File
LB884HarrChange and eliminate provisions relating to county sales and use taxes Revenue1/18/2018Held by Committee
LB885HarrChange provisions relating to property tax protests Revenue1/19/2018Approved by Governor
LB886MorfeldProtect student journalists' and student media advisers' rights of and freedom of speech and of the pressOpposeJudiciary2/8/2018Held by Committee
LB887MuranteClarify requirements for exceeding budget limitations under the Nebraska Budget Act Government, Military and Veterans Affairs1/18/2018General File
LB888WayneRequire schools to post the child abuse and neglect toll-free telephone number Education1/23/2018Held by Committee
LB907BakerChange provisions relating to a sales and use tax exemption for agricultural machinery and equipment Revenue2/1/2018Held by Committee
LB910BolzAdopt the Property Tax Circuit Breaker Act and change the funding of the Property Tax Credit Act Revenue2/23/2018Held by Committee
LB911BolzAdopt the School District Local Option Income Surtax Act Revenue2/14/2018Held by Committee
LB912McCollisterProvide for posting by public schools of a toll-free telephone number set up to report child abuse and neglect Education1/23/2018General File
LB916HansenProhibit retaliation under the Nebraska Wage Payment Collection Act and the Wage and Hour Act Business and Labor2/12/2018Held by Committee
LB922VargasAdopt the All Kids Health Care Program Act Health and Human Services2/15/2018Held by Committee
LB927HowardChange provisions relating to juveniles' out-of-home placement, care, and custody Judiciary2/22/2018Held by Committee
LB930HansenProhibit use of juveniles' statements made as a result of custodial interrogation Judiciary2/9/2018Held by Committee
LB938StinnerChange provisions relating to the transfer of excess General Fund net receipts to the Cash Reserve Fund Appropriations2/8/2018Held by Committee
LB944ScheerProvide, change, and eliminate provisions relating to appropriations and reduce appropriations Appropriations2/5/2018Approved by Governor
LB946ScheerChange provisions relating to the Cash Reserve Fund Appropriations1/22/2018Approved by Governor
LB947Smith(P)Adopt the Nebraska Property Tax Cuts and Opportunities Act, change income tax rates, and eliminate certain exemptions and credits Revenue1/31/2018General File
LB961SmithChange corporate income tax rates Revenue2/7/2018Held by Committee
LB962SmithChange individual income tax rates Revenue2/7/2018Held by Committee
LB963SmithChange how often real property is inspected and reviewed for property tax purposes Revenue2/7/2018Held by Committee
LB995LinehanRequire the filing of a statement of financial interests by individuals holding elective office of a school district under the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure ActOpposeGovernment, Military and Veterans Affairs2/1/2018Held by Committee
LB997MuranteProvide limits on salaries of administrative employees of political subdivisionsOpposeGovernment, Military and Veterans Affairs1/25/2018Held by Committee
LB998Walz(P)Create the Collaborative School Behavioral and Mental Health ProgramSupportEducation2/12/2018Passed Notwithstanding Objections of Gov.
LB999VargasChange provisions relating to the Student Discipline Act Education2/13/2018Held by Committee
LB1000BrieseRequire a bond election under the Public Facilities Construction and Finance Act Government, Military and Veterans Affairs2/1/2018Approved by Governor
LB1001BrieseProvide for a review of the financing of schoolsSupportEducation2/5/2018Held by Committee
LB1005Kolterman(P)Change county and school retirement provisions Nebraska Retirement Systems2/2/2018Approved by Governor
LB1007KolowskiAuthorize school districts to levy a tax and establish a fund for facilities-related expendituresSupportRevenue2/14/2018Held by Committee
LB1021SchumacherEliminate certain sales and use tax exemptions Revenue2/27/2018Held by Committee
LB1022SchumacherAdopt the Irrigation Tax Act and change the valuation of agricultural land for property tax purposes Revenue2/21/2018Held by Committee
LB1023SchumacherChange sunset dates on certain tax incentive programs Revenue2/27/2018Held by Committee
LB1033MuranteEliminate learning communities Education2/26/2018Held by Committee
LB1034Riepe(P)Change facility standards for school-age child care programsSupportHealth and Human Services2/2/2018Approved by Governor
LB1036KolowskiChange the expenditure limit for a recognition dinner under the Local Government Miscellaneous Expenditure ActSupportGovernment, Military and Veterans Affairs2/23/2018Approved by Governor
LB1037BakerChange provisions of the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act relating to a potential conflict of interest by an elected office holder of certain cities or villages or a school districtSupportGovernment, Military and Veterans Affairs2/1/2018General File
LB1052Pansing BrooksRequire instruction and teacher education related to dyslexia Education2/13/2018Approved by Governor
LB1056HansenProvide for collection of data on student disciplinary actions Education2/6/2018Held by Committee
LB1060WayneAdopt the Healthy Kids Act and require tests for lead-based hazards in housing Health and Human Services2/15/2018Held by Committee
LB1069Brasch(P)Change provisions related to the Committee on Americanism Education2/5/2018General File
LB1070BrewerChange an election requirement for school districts with fewer than twenty-five students in high school grades Education2/5/2018Approved by Governor
LB1077FriesenEliminate levy limits for school districts Revenue2/14/2018Held by Committee
LB1079HowardChange report provisions relating to the Children's Residential Facilities and Placing Licensure Act Health and Human Services2/8/2018Held by Committee
LB1081Education Committee(P)Change education provisions regarding reporting, penalties, residency, boundaries, priority schools, subpoena authority, poverty, and limited English proficiency Education2/12/2018Approved by Governor
LB1084Briese(P)Adopt the Property Tax Request Limitation Act, provide sunset dates for certain tax exemptions and incentives, and change other revenue and taxation provisions Revenue2/8/2018Held by Committee
LB1088WayneAdopt the Nebraska Education Formula and the Remote Seller Sales Tax Collection Act, terminate the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act and the Property Tax Credit Act, and eliminate certain tax exemptions Revenue2/27/2018Held by Committee
LB1090SmithChange provisions relating to inflation adjustments, personal exemptions, and standard deductions Revenue2/7/2018Approved by Governor
LB1094HilgersProvide for financial literacy and entrepreneurship academic content standards Education2/6/2018Held by Committee
LB1100ErdmanChange the valuation of agricultural land and horticultural land Revenue2/23/2018Held by Committee
LB1103Friesen(P)Provide a minimum amount of state aid for each school district Education2/6/2018General File
LB1104FriesenChange provisions relating to the special valuation of agricultural or horticultural land Revenue2/23/2018Held by Committee
LB1106LinehanChange requirements for overriding property tax limitsOpposeRevenue2/14/2018Held by Committee
LB1108Harr(P)Authorize certain tax credits, change the sales tax rate, and provide for school foundation aid and certain grant programs Revenue2/1/2018Held by Committee
LB1109HarrCreate the Grow Nebraska Through Quality Employment Strategic PartnershipSupportBusiness and Labor2/26/2018Held by Committee
LB1110VargasRequire annual reporting of school performance scores and classifications Education2/13/2018Approved by Governor
LB1116LinehanCreate the Quality Education Accountability Commission and the Quality Education Accountability OfficeOpposeEducation2/13/2018Held by Committee
LB1117CrawfordChange certain cigarette and tobacco products tax rates Revenue2/15/2018Held by Committee
LB1125GroeneChange school finance base limitation and local effort rate provisions Education2/26/2018Held by Committee
LB1128WayneProhibit counties, local governments, and certain state entities from spending legislative appropriations under certain conditions Government, Military and Veterans Affairs1/31/2018Held by Committee
LB1135VargasAdopt the Alternative Certification for Quality Teachers Act Education2/5/2018Held by Committee
LR270CAKolowskiConstitutional amendment to reduce the minimum age in the constitutional requirement to provide free instructionSupportEducation1/23/2018Held by Committee
LR285CAMuranteConstitutional amendment to eliminate the State Board of EducationOpposeEducation2/20/2018Held by Committee

2017 Legislative Bills NASB Is Following (Carryover Bills)
Bill NumberIntroducerOneLinePositionLegislative CommitteeDay Of HearingStatus
LB44Watemeier(P)Adopt the Remote Seller Sales Tax Collection ActSupportRevenue Final Reading
LB127GroeneChange notice requirements under Open Meetings ActOpposeGovernment, Military and Veterans Affairs General File
LB155BraschRequire successful completion of a civics examination as a prerequisite to high school graduationOpposeEducation Held by Committee
LB246MorfeldProvide a budget exception for expanded learning opportunity programsSupportEducation General File
LB247MorfeldProvide for school district levy and bonding authority for cybersecuritySupportEducation Held by Committee
LB248HarrAdopt the Youth Opportunities in Learning and Occupations ActSupportBusiness and Labor General File
LB279HilkemannRequire lap-shoulder belts on school buses as prescribedOpposeTransportation and Telecommunications Held by Committee
LB295Smith(P)Adopt the Opportunity Scholarships Act and provide tax creditsOpposeRevenue General File
LB321LoweChange provisions relating to unlawful possession of a firearm at a school Judiciary Approved by Governor
LB347GeistChange provisions relating to school bus permits and qualifications Transportation and Telecommunications Approved by Governor
LB365BloodChange provisions relating to access to public records and provide for fees Government, Military and Veterans Affairs General File
LB377Education CommitteeChange provisions relating to classification of school districts Education Approved by Governor
LB428VargasRequire schools and the State Department of Education to adopt policies relating to pregnant and parenting students Education General File
LB431ErdmanChange provisions relating to cash reserves under the Nebraska Budget ActOpposeGovernment, Military and Veterans Affairs Held by Committee
LB461SmithCorrect references to a federal act in a revenue statute Revenue General File
LB479GoreneChange public hearing provisions and redefine a term under the Nebraska Budget Act Government, Military and Veterans Affairs General File
LB548Lindstrom(P)Provide for the consolidation of the Class V school employees' retirement system and the School Employees Retirement System of the State of Nebraska Nebraska Retirement Systems General File
LB575KolowskiProvide funding for schools offering certain programs and courses as prescribedSupportEducation Held by Committee
LB595GroeneProvide for the use of physical force or physical restrain or removal from a class in response to student behavior Education General File
LB608LinehanAdopt the Parental Choice Scholarship ProgramOpposeEducation Held by Committee
LB630LarsonAdopt the Independent Public Schools ActOpposeEducation Held by Committee
LB634WayneInclude virtual school students in the state aid to schools formula Education General File
LB640Groene(P)Change provisions of the Property Tax Credit Act and provide school district property tax relief Revenue General File
LB651LinehanAdopt the Nebraska Reading Improvement ActOpposeEducation General File
LB655MuranteAuthorize state employees to volunteer at public schools and certain nonprofit organizationsSupportGovernment, Military and Veterans Affairs General File
LB662LinehanEstablish a grading system for schools and school districtsOpposeEducation Held by Committee
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