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Legislative Notes: NASB's Legislative Communication


LegNotes Screenshot.pngAs pertinent information arises, we will post and send out updates to keep everyone informed in a concise, easy to read format. Should you ever have questions about a legislative bill or suggestions on additional items you’d like covered, please let us know. 

Through Legislative Notes we highlight the relevant new bills introduced and address any carryover bills centered around public education and our mission.  This includes any bills NASB may be supporting or opposing, upcoming hearings, and possible Call to Action items where we may need your help in contacting the appropriate Senators or Committee members to voice your cornern or support on a particular bill.

  • To download NASB's Advocacy Handbook click here.
  • To view the 2018 Calendar of the Legislative Session, click here.
  • To view all key bills NASB is following, click here.
  • To contact NASB regarding any Legislative or Advocacy items, click here.


 NASB Legislative Newsletter

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