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Advocacy - Getting You Involved!

Can YOU really make a difference?  Yes, you can!
  • As a board member, you are in an excellent position to educate and influence the legislative process
  • You deal with a variety of issues at the local level 
  • You are seen as a key resource on education policy for your district

  • Stay up to speed on the Legislature year-round 
  • Have a “legislative update” agenda item at each board meeting
  • Pass board policy specific to how you deal with legislative issues
  • Utilize NASB’s Legislative links, communication, Legislative Notes, and the LR&SP booklet
  • Share key legislative information with your board, and your community
  • Ask Yourself: What are you doing for your district? 
  • The Legislature needs to know school board members want to be involved!

Know and understand the legislative calendar
  • 60-Day Short Session (even years): January to mid April
  • 90-Day Long Session (odd years): January to early June
  • Committee Hearings take place the first 30 Days … this is your opportunity to be heard!
  • NASB Legislation Committee Meeting /Legislative Issues Conference: late January
  • Call for Resolutions and Standing Positions: April to July 1
  • NASB Legislation Committee Meeting: July
  • Summer/Fall Lead-Up: NASB is working with Sen’s and organizations on potential bills
  • NASB Legislation Committee Meeting/Delegate Assembly: November

Build relationships with your Senator and their staff
  • Don't take for granted the access we have as Nebraskans to our Senators & Federal Reps.  It is not like that everywhere. Take advantage of it!
  • Be involved. Build the relationship. You CAN make a difference.
  • Be engaged. You're on your board, you know the importance.
  • Attend meetings and events they will be at.
  • Throughout the year, Senators are invited to and attend many NASB events like Area Membership Meetings; Legislative Issues Conference; State Education Conference, etc.
  • Utilize and bookmark

Questions to Know or Ask of your Senator
  • Do they have a background in education?  (Teacher, Administrator, Board Member, family in education, etc)
  • Do they have children in your district?
  • Preferred method of contact?  
  • Are they active on social media?
  • Goals and vision for education in Nebraska?
  • What is their voting history?

Tips for EFFECTIVE communication - “… From Senators themselves.”
  • EYEBALL to EYEBALL!  Emails are not read.  Letters are not read. 
  • Best months to build the relationship are October and November - out of session. 
  • Most bills are reactive. Force your Senator to be proactive - be ahead of the game.
  • It is critical to have your facts straight when you approach a legislator. 
  • Be respectful, keep your cool. Imagine it happening to you at a school board meeting.
  • Develop the relationship early.  (Get to know prospective candidates!)
  • Set priorities!
  • Provide them with key data and information from your district - Annual Report, financials, etc.
  • Share any positive growth or good news from past legislation.
  • Communicate any issues your district is facing they have the ability to address. 

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