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Healthy Students are Better Students!

Healthy students are better students.  It’s the primary focus behind the Nebraska Whole Child Project!  Check out this quick video from the 2014 Learning Connection Summit.  You may even recognize someone.  Thanks to The GENYOUth Foundation, the Midwest Dairy Council, and Fuel Up to Play 60 for their positive impact in our schools.


Proven school wellness programs like Fuel Up to Play 60 empower students to make positive changes at school and can bring healthy changes to life both in and out of the classroom.  School breakfast programs are especially important and may positively impact children’s nutrition and learning. In fact, research shows that those who eat breakfast have better attention and memory than breakfast skippers and students who are more active during school perform better on standardized tests for reading, math and spelling.

American kids spend more than 2,000 hours in school each year where in-school wellness policies can encourage healthy habits. Schools are an ideal place to promote childhood health and wellness, but they cannot act alone.  Parents, schools and the larger community must work together to affect change for children’s health and wellness in schools.
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NASB Mission Statement

The Nebraska Association of School Boards provides services to School Boards to strengthen public education for all Nebraska Children.  

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NASB Features Student Artists from across Nebraska

Each quarter, NASB features student artists from across Nebraska. This art is proudly displayed in our hallways, and will be included here in Board Notes, as well as 

The latest “expo” is from Kate Crowe’s 4th Grade class at Dodge Elementary in Grand Island. The students not only learn about the art of photography, but then tie it in to their writing concepts. 

To participate in this program, please contact Jaime Pope at or 800-422-4572. Jaime will serve as the Association contact working with the district to handle the submission of art and proper parental consent forms. The artwork may represent any grade level and must include the student’s name, grade and building. The artwork will be returned upon request. 


Ameliana D.JPG

Aracely F.JPG

Bodhi B.JPG

David A.JPG

Nayaris C.JPG

Dodge Elementary School
Grand Island

Kate Crowe's 4th Grade Class

Serenitey S.JPG

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Contributing to the mission of developing quality educational leadership, while acquiring valuable exposure to Nebraska’s educational decision makers.

As a business dealing in education-related merchandise or services, you know exposure and name-recognition vital to your success.

As an NASB Affiliate, you gain direct access to every school board member and key decision makers throughout Nebraska. Many Affiliates listed below have been members for more than 10 years, a testament to the value this program can bring.

Our members trust NASB to provide them the link to quality businesses to help them run their districts and provide quality education to their students.


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