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2022 Legislative Candidate Questionnaire

1,960,000 Nebraskans
324,000 Students
1,700 Locally Elected School Board Members
260 Member Districts/ESUs

As the November election draws closer, Nebraska's 1,700 locally elected school board members are eager to learn more about the views and opinions of their fellow elected leaders and candidates running for the Legislature. We asked all Legislative Candidates to answer five open-ended questions regarding their thoughts on local governance and education related issues. Below are their responses ... topics include: Local Control, School Funding, The Role of Education in the State, Educational Workforce, Mandates & more.

NASB does not endorse candidates and does not make recommendations to members, or anyone, on whom to support for election. NASB may, from time to time, provide opportunities for candidates for elected office to meet with or communicate with its membership. Any NASB event allowing candidates for office to meet or communicate with its membership should not be considered a direct or passive endorsement of any candidate.