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The Virtual 2020 Area Membership Meeting: Home Invasion!
QB’s and Olympic medals. Grit and Scandal. Prizes and Recognition.  Not to mention updates from the NASB leadership and staff 

These annual meetings provide an excellent opportunity for board members and administrators to network with other school leaders in their region, and are presented annually, starting in August (most years!).

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Due to Covid restricting our travel into 9 communities and a number of school buildings, we will be bringing this year's Area Membership Meetings to you in a virtual form. You will still have the opportunity to see and hear updates from many NASB staff members. We will verbally recognize boards who have earned the President’s Board Award and Board of Excellence, as well as individual board members who have earned Level VII through X during this points year.  

The fee for the 2020 Area Membership Meeting will be a $100 flat fee per district. In order to receive attendance points, each board member must be registered for the meeting. Upon registering, the first person from each district will be charged $100, each subsequent registration will be complimentary.

The Area Membership Meeting virtual content will be made available on the NASB website. Registered attendees may login anytime between September 30 and October 14 and view the content at their own convenience. You must be registered in order to access the virtual meeting. This could be a great chance for your entire board to view the virtual event together at a work session, just be sure each individual board member gets registered so everyone receives their points.

 Topics covered include:

Welcome from NASB President Stacie Higgins

Legislative update from Colby Coash

ALICAP run-down from Megan Boldt

Board Leadership during these trying times from Marcia Herring

2020 State Education Conference information from Sharon Endorf

Feasibility and the data districts need to make informed decisions from Jim Luebbe

Delegate Assembly dates and procedures from Sallie Svatora

Awards of Achievement recognition from Shari Becker


Wrap up and general update from John Spatz

... And a few additional guests, updates and surprises! 

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