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Associate Organizations

NASB is responsible for nine organizations under its over-arching umbrella. 

NASB has 3 of the 12 seats on the EHA Board, and the Executive Director serves as a co-administrator.  Learn more at www.ehaplan.org 

NASB has four Interlocal Organizations it manages that provide cost savings benefits to our membership: ALICAP Insurance, CJUMP & NJUMP Natural Gas Purchasing Programs, and the Nebraska Whole Child Project.  An Interlocal Agency is created under Nebraska state law.  It permits local governmental units to work together, making the most efficient use of their powers and providing less costly services.

All Lines Interlocal Cooperative Aggregate Pool (ALICAP)

  • The All Lines Interlocal Cooperative Aggregate Pool provides insurance coverage to public school districts in the state of Nebraska. Our coverage includes Property, General Liability, Automobile Liability and Physical Damage, School Boards Errors and Omissions, Crime, Public Employee Dishonesty and Workers’ Compensation in one single package.  Learn more at www.ALICAP.org 


Nebraska Joint Utility Management Program (NJUMP) / Choice Joint Utility Program (CJUMP)

  • NASB formed these interlocal arrangement to provide members with an alternative option for their natural gas needs. The program’s long-term objectives is to implement a mechanism which will allow participants a stronger voice in energy related matters in the hope of obtaining a cost savings of their natural gas needs.

Nebraska Whole Child Project

The Nebraska Whole Child Project is an effort to bring together accurately collected health and wellness data to be provided to school boards to enable them to make decisions to improve student achievement, with the goal of studying that data to determine what is relevant to the academic success of all Nebraska school children.


Sparq Data Solutions

Sparq Data Solutions is a wholly-owned for-profit C-Corporation, with NASB as the sole shareholder of the Corporation.  Sparq Data Solutions is committed to providing secure, innovative, and affordable information systems to both the public and private sector. Sparq Data currently hosts Paperless Board Meetings, Teacher Negotiations, Document Imaging & Scanning, and Public Document Management services for boards, councils, associations, and commission meetings. Learn more at www.SparqData.com 

Other organizations the NASB Board of Directors is responsible for include the Nebraska Council of School Attorneys (NCOSA), a professional organization for attorneys who represent public school districts and practice in the area of school law in the state of Nebraska; the Nebraska Administrative Education Professionals (NAEP), a support service created by NASB to assist district personnel who provide assistance to the Board of Education; and the Nebraska Public Leadership Foundation (NPLF), a statewide group of current, or former school board members committed to building and educating new and future candidates for local school boards, and other forms of public leadership.