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Brain Science Workshop

The Brain Science Workshops have been cancelled.

Please contact Makenzie Brookhouser, Events Manager, with any concerns. 402-817-0220 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Schools are dealing with more students that are struggling with depression, anxiety, and other behavioral health issues. Some of the reasons for an increase in these challenges, include social medial, adverse childhood experiences, poverty, and others.

There have been numerous studies over the last few years finding brain development plays a big role in how students and adults are able to manage their mental health. Children born today need an opportunity to build resiliency and we now have a chance to positively contribute to this as we learn more about how the brain develops in early childhood and beyond. Attend this workshop to learn more about brain development studies and how we can create positive environments in schools and communities that will help address the challenges they are facing due to depression, anxiety, and other behavioral problems.

Suggested Audience

This presentation will be beneficial for school board members, administrators, teachers, and the community as we will address the how and why behind mental health issues in both children and adults.