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Budget & Finance Workshops

BuckleUpBuckle up: Rough Economic Road Ahead
Tuesday, June 30
7:00 to 8:30 PM
Kearney Holiday Inn

As we slowly move to our new Post-COVID normal, there are some critical financial considerations of which schools need to be aware. This workshop will include information relevant to what challenges are looming, and what plans need to be made now to weather the storm ahead. Carl Dietz and Matt Fisher, former school superintendents who are currently providing school finance training and assistance across Nebraska, will share insights and recommendations to help you prepare your school district for the coming year and for tight financial times in years to come.  (Price - $25)

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January 29, 2020  |  Norfolk
February 5, 2020  |  Kearney

Suggested Audience: 
School Board Members; Superintendents/ESU Administrators

School finance is a complex task. The Leadership Team, comprised of both the board and Superintendent/ESU Administrator is responsible for managing the finances within their district/ESU. This evening workshop features former superintendents Carl Dietz and Matt Fisher, two school finance experts, who will share their experiences in:

  • Overview of individual school funds and approved uses for those funds 
  • TEEOSA Formula 101 
  • How to share budget & finance information with the community
  • What financial information should be shared with the board and how often. 
  • Coding ā€“ how coding can be used to track the overall budget, SPED, poverty and state aid
  • Learning how Special Education can impact total spending, what is included in SPED costs 
  • Discussion of the NDE budget document 
  • Using your Annual Financial Report
  • Negotiations - what can be negotiated & what to expect 
  • Cash reserves and tax receipts by month and the importance of cash carryover
  • Other financing options ā€“ TANs, lease-purchase

This workshop is suited for both new board members and administrators just learning the process, as well as seasoned veterans who have been through this annual process.


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