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the 2021 Legislative Session Began January 6, and is schedule to end on June 10

WATCH: LB 408 Roundtable Q&A with Open Sky Policy
READ: NASB's Legislative Notes on LB 408 (pdf)
Committee Statement for LB 408 w/ AM 371 (pdf)
LB 408 Talking Points to help Share Your Story - 1 (doc)
LR22CA LB408 Opposition Testimony from John Spatz - 1/27/21 (pdf)
LB 408 Talking Points - 2 - 3/15/21 (pdf)

FISCAL NOTE: "At a statewide level, the average real growth in property value for the last 10 years has been 0.98%, while the average growth in property taxes levied has been 4.4%, excluding payments to bonds. Under LB 408, a given political subdivision could grow their property tax request by 3.98%, given the average real growth in property value of 0.98%. This would indicate that LB 408 will lead to a state-wide budget impact of -0.42% per year for the state’s political subdivisions, although this could vary significantly by location and type of subdivision."

Find out where your Senator stands on LB 408 and report back to NASB. Learn how it impacts your district. Share that story with us, your peers, your Senator, and the other political subdivisions within your community. Take the lead on how it will impact your community as a whole, not just your district. Like anything, this bill is a moving target, we will keep you updated as it moves along!

Other Key Bills & Items

 135 281 364 454 529 644

WATCH: NASB Legislative Lunch - 4/12/21

Pay attention to LB 147 ... which now impacts all districts and their ability to access retired teachers as substitutes more easily!
Substitute Service One Pager (pdf)

Talking Points on LB 454 to creates the School Property Tax Stabilization Act (pdf)
WATCH: LB 454 w/ AM 789 Breakdown - 4/12/21

Talking Points to share with your Senator on LB 644 (pdf)
School Boards welcome transparency and public input, but this bill as written is unworkable and has some practical challenges.
WATCH: Update as LB 644 Advances - 4/8/21

WATCH: NASB Legislative Quick (3/26/21)

WATCH: NASB CARES Act Funds Q&A for School Boards with Bryce Wilson of NDE (3/22/21)

NASB Concerns on LB 281 - A Letter to all Senators - 3/22/21 (pdf)

LB 132 - Nebraskans United Letter of Support to Senators - 3/9/21 (pdf)

WATCH: NASB Legislative Lunch (3/1/21)

WATCH: NASB Legislative Quick (2/4/21)

State Spending Growth, Cost Per Student & School Spending Growth (pdf)

WATCH: NASB Legislative Quick (1/21/21) 

With your help, NASB is an advocate for public education and local school governance … and YOUR collective voice in the Legislature.

  • NASB strives to serve and inspire its members to work as a team with legislators and state officials, to share the story of their districy/ESU, to secure laws and regulations that benefit all of Nebraska’s public schools.
  • NASB represents the interests of Nebraska's 1.700 school board members with our state lawmakers, lobbying in support of your school board and local control.
  • NASB works for and with YOU to secure laws and regulations that benefit all public schools.
  • NASB is guided by a legislative agenda that is developed annually by YOU, initiated with submissions from YOU, and approved at the NASB's Delegate Assembly each November by YOU.

As NASB represents the state’s 260 member districts and ESUs, effective communication is key to the success of the Association’s advocacy work. NASB advocates for the standing positions and legislative resolutions approved by delegates from all member boards at the annual NASB Delegate Assembly held in conjunction with the State Education Conference each November. It is here, in person, but also throughout the entire year where our focus is to keep you and your board up-to-date on all of the issues that impact public education, while also helping tell the story of your district and how specific legislation will impact your students.

Can YOU really make a difference? YES YOU CAN!

You too are an elected official, and a community leader. As a school board member, you are in an excellent position to educate and influence the legislative process, and are seen as a key resource on education policy for your district.

Share your story
Know your district's data 
Understand the data that will make a difference

We encourage all boards to be engaged in the legislative process and include a legislative update as a part of each meeting, and to share key legislative info with other board members and key individuals in the community who can also make a difference. While much of the attention is garnered during each Session, advocacy is year-round.

No one is more qualified to talk about your district, community, and needs related to providing a quality education than you!

Advocacy is on-going. It is important to stay up to speed on the Legislature year-round.

  • Relationship are key ... Have the relationship BEFORE you need it.
  • Don’t take for granted the access we have as Nebraskans to our Senators & Federal Representatives. It is not like that everywhere. Take advantage of it. Be involved. Be ENGAGED!
  • Include a “legislative update” agenda item at each board meeting, and share key legislative information with your board, and your community
  • Pass board policy specific to how you deal with legislative issues
  • Utilize NASB’s Legislative links, communication, the Legislative Notes newsletter, track specific bills, follow along on social media and study the annual Advocacy Handbook
  • Reach out to NASB’s Legislative Team, and/or a member of the NASB Legislation Committee. Attend the various Legislative Lunches and events throughout the year across Nebraska.
  • Stay up to speed with your local newspaper, social media, senator emails/newsletters, etc.

Ask Yourself: What am I doing for my district?
How can NASB help empower you to become a better advocate for public education in Nebraska?
The Legislature needs to know school board members want to be involved!


Legislators care about your opinion.
Remind them; You are their neighbor. 
Voters also put you in office.
You are guardians for the States most precious resource…Children.
You have an influential role in your community. 
You know better than anyone the effect of a decision.

NASB Legislative Team:

Colby Coash - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Associate Executive Director, Director of Government Relations

Matt Belka - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Director of Marketing, Communications & Advocacy

John Spatz - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Executive Director

Vicki Walter-Winters - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Legal Administrative Assistant


No one is more qualified to talk about your school district, your community, and your needs related to providing a quality education than you!

 Call for Legislative Proposals for the 2022 Session due July 1, 2021

Not sure where to begin?  Don’t think you have the power to make a difference?

As a board member, an elected official, and a community leader, you are in an excellent position to educate and influence the legislative process. From now until July 1, 2021, you have the opportunity to be heard and submit a topic you would like discussed at this summer’s NASB Legislative Committee meeting, to then be drafted and introduced as future legislation. If you have a topic in mind, or would like assistance getting the ball rolling, please let Matt Belka know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Submit your legislative proposals now at:

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