Know Your Data

Understand the data that will make a difference!
Arm yourself to be a better storyteller!
Know where you’re at …
Where the Legislature is going …

Below are examples of the data you should know from your schools to help tell your district's story as various bills are introcuded:

  • Number of Kids in Free/Reduced Lunch
  • School Lands Per Pupil Reimbursement
  • Census vs Enrollment
  • Number of Languages Spoken in your District
  • Number of ELL Students
  • Transportation numbers … if Seat Belts in Busses, Impact ($)
  • What percentage of your Budget is SPED
  • Average Class Size
  • Student Discipline Procedures
  • Retirement Obligation
  • Safety & Security Measures in the Past Few Years
  • Number of Option Kids
  • Percentage of Administrative Costs