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Legislation Committee & Bylaws

NASB Legislation Committee

Brad 2019 Stacie 2a Blocher

Brad Wilkins - NASB Vice President - Chair
Stacie Higgins - NASB President-Elect
Steve Blocher - NASB President

LouAnnGoding BenPerlman Marque1 ConnieDuncan AMM 2014 Omaha Kathy Danek Linda Poole Sarah Centineo
Beth Morrissette Skip Altig PattiGubbels Laura Larry Grosshans Suzanne Sapp Wagner 
SteveKoch IMG 0465 Waddle Picture Jon Anderjaska 200 Jayson Bishop 1 200 Linda Summers 

Lou Ann Goding - Member #1 - Omaha
Ben Perlman - Member #2 - Omaha
Marque Snow - Member #3 - Omaha
Connie Duncan - Member #4 - Lincoln
Kathy Danek - Member #5 - Lincoln
Linda Poole - Member #6 - Millard
Sarah Centineo - Member #7 - Bellevue
Beth Morrissette - Member #8 - Westside
Skip Altig - Member #9 - North Platte
Patti Gubbels - Member #10 - Norfolk
Laura Schneider - Member #11 - Hastings
Larry Grosshans - Member #12 - Norris
Suzanne Sapp - Member #13 - Ashland-Greenwood
Lisa Wagner - Member #14 - Central City
Steve Koch - Member #15 - Hershey
Jim Vlach - Member #16 - Lyons-Decatur
Christopher Waddle - Member #17 - Giltner
Jon Anderjaska - Appointed Member - Wauneta-Palisade
Jayson Bishop - Appointed Member - Perkins County
Linda Richards - Appointed Member - Ralston
Stephanie Summers - Appointed Member - David City


The Legislation Committee of the Nebraska Association of School Boards (NASB) exists to formulate and advance the legislative goals and positions for the NASB member organizations.

The Legislation Committee shall be composed of not less than 21 and not more than 26 members. Two members shall be the President and President Elect. The Chair of the Committee shall be the Vice President. Four members shall be members of a(an) NASB member school board or ESU board appointed annually by the President with the approval of the Board of Directors. Fifteen to twenty elected/appointed members shall be members of NASB school boards. The Legislation Committee shall receive, consider, and act upon legislative resolution and position statement proposals submitted to it by member boards, staff, officers, and directors. Any proposal may be amended by action of the Legislation Committee, but no proposal shall advance from the Legislation Committee to the Board of Directors except on an affirmative vote of two-thirds of those members present and voting. The Legislation Committee shall also meet to provide advice, instructions, and interpretations of legislative resolutions to staff for use in legislative relations activities.  Legislation Committee seats represent districts grouped by similar size and student population.

The election process for the Committee will be handled through our online election process via our website and begins on February 1st with nominations from our members. The nomination period runs from February 1st through March 25th for those seats that are up for election in that particular year. The approval of the nomination will be handled by the President or Vice President of that member board and will be open for approval from March 26th through April 29th.

Per the NASB Bylaws, Article X, section 5, if a candidate is unopposed, no ballot shall be distributed to the member boards. If more than one candidate is submitted for a particular seat on the Committee, voting will commence on April 30th and will be completed by June 1st. If a tie vote occurs, the NASB Nominating Committee Chair shall break the tie by draw of lots. Each candidate who receives the second highest number of votes in the election shall be eligible to act as an alternate member of the Committee in the absence of the person elected to that position. If a tie vote occurs for an alternate position, the Nominating Committee Chair shall break the tie by draw of lots as well. Each committee member and alternate will only serve a three year term and multiple terms may be served.