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AxisPlus Benefits

As an ongoing effort to provide NASB members with cost-saving benefits, we have partnered with AxisPlus Benefits to allow school districts/ESUs the opportunity to consider a new Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and/or Health Savings Account (HSA) for your employees.  

Currently utilized by NASB employees for the last two years, the AxisPlus Benefits has not only saved the Association money but provides our employees with outstanding service.  
AxisPlus Benefits fees are consistently among the lowest in the nation.  Take a minute to compare your current rates with the rates listed on the attached sheet to see how much money your district or ESU can save by changing to AxisPlus Benefit.

At AxisPlus Benefits their number one priority is ensuring that each of their clients feels cared and provided for. They have implemented strict customer service guidelines and procedures to ensure that all who interact with AxisPlus Benefits will receive the individualized attention needed. Since 1985 AxisPlus Benefits has consistently received the highest customer satisfaction and appreciation ratings.

AxisPlus Benefits strives to ensure that every touch point with the customer is a positive one. The website and materials are no exception.  Myaxisplus.com has a user friendly design allowing visitors to easily access the information. While on the site users are able to chat live with a representative, read about AxisPlus Benefits services, download materials, get a quote, and submit a claim.

Beyond interactions with customers, AxisPlus Benefits also strives to make administration easy for the employer. AxisPlus Benefits embraces the newest technology allowing employers to easily access detailed reports, plan documents, employee information, and other items through a secure online portal.

Not only will your employees appreciate all that AxisPlus Benefits has to offer but you will enjoy the savings you receive on your administration fees.  If you have further questions regarding these options or you are interested in a proposal, please contact Sallie Svatora at NASB by calling 800-422-4572 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


WATCH: Flexible Spending Accounts with AxisPlus Benefits

WATCH: Health Savings Accounts with AxisPlus Benefits

Brochures & Downloads

AxisPlus Mobile Ap Infosheet.pdf
Benefit Administration Services.pdf
Debit Card Info.pdf
Medical and Dependent Section 125 Info.pdf
Over The Counter Eligibility.pdf
Section 132 Option.pdf
The HSA Benefits.pdf


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