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policy making is One of your school board's most important functions

Policy is the voice of the board speaking when the board is not convened.

Through policy, the board sets goals for the entire school system. Policymaking is a continuous process; it doesn't end once a policy decision is made. Written policy creates continuity, informs the public, and helps to separate emotions and personalities from decision-making.

Sparq Online Policy Publishing - Your NASB Policy Manual Online
Fast   Seamless   Cloud-Based   Fully-Linkable   Searchable   Up-to-Date

Sparq Policy ImageWith the new launch of Sparq Online Policy Publishing, NASB's new policy hosting software, we are now able to host your customized NASB School Board policy manual online giving you easier policy addess across your platforms and devices, for a seamless, cloud-based policy service experience, making your board policy manuals fully linkable, searchable and up to date. See the Policy Overview section to learn about Policy Reviews and Customizations since other policy formats cannot be converted to the Sparq Online Policy Publishing software.

As your board works through its Sparq board agenda in Sparq Meetings, once the board approves new or revised policies and makes that entry into the meeting agenda, those policies will automatically flow through to your online manual to update it. Just imagine how this will simplify the process of keeping your manual current!

Hosting your manual with Sparq Online Policy Publishing provides you with a fully searchable version of your present manual online, easily linked from your district website. In addition, all Nebraska legal references are linked online directly from your individual policies, allowing administrators quick access to the relevant statutory language. Cross references to other relevant policies within the board policy manual are also linked.

This will offer a huge improvement toward making your School Board policy manual more useful, more informative, and easier to search and revise in a rapidly changing educational environment. 

WATCH: Introduction to Sparq Online Policy Publishing Manuals

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