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A Whole Child is a more Successful Child

Data shows a direct correlation between student health and student achievement. But over the last few decades obesity has increased while physical activity has declined. By focusing on the whole child - their heart, mind AND body, we can reverse this trend while creating a balanced, more successful child.


The Nebraska Whole Child Project is a public agency formed by the NASB to focus on the health needs of students.  The overall goals of the NWCP is to support healthy cultures in every school building in the state. This type of system change is going to require collaborations between nontraditional partners in our communities and within the health field.

The NWCP is currently working with a variety of partners to support schools. The NWCP recently met with the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia to discuss student behavioral health data. The NWCP is working with our UNMC to identify data points that can support staff resiliency as a contribution to a healthy culture.

The NWCP has been working with professionals from UNL to identify K-12 student data that can help inform teachers and districts about the supports necessary to assist students with physical and mental health challenges. The NWCP has developing communication systems around Adverse Childhood Experiences to help school board members identify challenges and education its community around healthy early childhood relationships.

The NWCP is trying to align data systems to support schools in the creation and evolution of healthy cultures in schools, which we think will ultimately support student academic achievement.

The Nebraska Whole Child Project exists to improve the success of children across Nebraska by focusing on the whole child - their hearts, minds and bodies.

To learn more or become a participating district/ESU of the Nebraska Whole Child Project, contact NASB at 800-422-4572.

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