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Superintendent and ESU Administrator Evaluation

The superintendent evaluation process offers the board an avenue to strengthen communication with the superintendent. Conducting the superintendent evaluation is required by Nebraska law.

NEB. REV. STAT. § 79-828.

(2)“…If the probationary certificated employee is a superintendent, he or she shall be evaluated twice during the first year of employment and at least once annually thereafter.”

In addition to these statutory requirements, the board’s evaluation of the superintendent is an ongoing process. This process should follow district policy and the superintendent’s contract language. Effective and continual performance evaluation is beneficial to both the superintendent and board of education. These benefits may include but not be limited to:

  • Strengthening the working relationship between the board and the superintendent
  • Enabling each party to voice their thoughts and ideas
  • Providing a forum to assess strengths and weaknesses of the superintendent
  • Documenting communication of the board’s expectations and an accountability standard
  • Affording the board with an opportunity to understand the superintendent’s job satisfaction
  • Allowing the board to articulate satisfaction with the superintendent’s job performance
  • Identifying professional development goals
  • Providing an opportunity to review the district’s progress toward the district/strategic planning/goals
  • Reaffirming the board’s role as the superintendent’s employer

It is the responsibility of the school board to evaluate the performance of the superintendent. No process or form is completely objective; however, there will always be some subjectivity and judgment on the board’s part. As elected officials representing the school district you have been designated to make those judgments. The process presented is designed to reduce subjectivity and increase objectivity. Fair application of the evaluation process is best determined through collaboration and agreement by the board and superintendent about what, how, and when the superintendent evaluation will be conducted.

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Superintendent/ESU Administrator Evaluation Resources

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