Public education in Nebraska has many faces.

Over the past few years, NASB has worked with students, educators, alumni, and more all across Nebraska to show just who, and what is public education in Nebraska and what it can create. These videos highlight the fantastic learning experiences happening every day in Nebraska’s public schools. Nebraska has amongst the best teachers, administrators, and school board members in the nation leading our youth, and these videos are a great opportunity to share those successes.

Students across Nebraska from kindergarten to 12th grade are featured throughout, as well as education leaders like Commissioner of Education, Dr. Matt Blomstedt, school board members, superintendents, teachers, and more. Cameos from famous alumni proudly stating that they are products of public education in Nebraska include U.S. Senator Deb Fischer, Tom Osborne, U.S. retired Astronaut Clayton Anderson, and University of Nebraska Regent Tim Clare, to just name a few. Special thanks goes out to all of the sponsors listed at the end of each video who helped make this all happen.  These videos are intended to be viewed and shared throughout Nebraska’s districts and communities, with students, parents, teachers, alumni, key stakeholders, and more. 

 That's Why I Serve
Thank You School Boards 

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