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Awards of Achievement

iStock_000011053535_500.jpgNASB’s Annual Area Membership Meetings begin at the end of August giving NASB the opportunity to recognize school district and ESU board members for achieving new levels of success during the awards year. The Awards of Achievement program year runs from August 1 through July 31. Board members are awarded for their participation in NASB Services and Programs as well as attendance at NASB workshops and events. Just as board members have made a commitment to provide a quality education for students in their districts, NASB strives to provide quality resources and opportunities for its members.

LEVEL I 50-149 NASB Board Standards/Document Holder
LEVEL II         150-249 NASB T-shirt
LEVEL III         250-349 NASB Notes
LEVEL IV         350-499 NASB Tumbler
LEVEL V         500-749 NASB Portfolio
LEVEL VI         750-999 NASB Messenger Bag
LEVEL VII         1,000-1,249 NASB Glass Paperweight
LEVEL VIII         1,250-1,499 NASB Rose Wood Plaque
LEVEL IX         1,500-1,999 NASB Glass Clock
LEVEL X         2,000+ NASB Cut-Glass Award

2016-17 Awards of Achievement.pdf2016-17 Awards of Achievement.pdf

NASB Sponsored Learning Experience
      • Area Membership Workshop 15 points
  • Labor Relations Conference 15 points
  • State Education Pre-Conference 10 points
  • State Education Conference 15 points
  • New Board Member Workshop*    15 points
    • Leadership Workshop*         15 points
    • Legislative Issues Pre-Conference 10 points
    • Legislative Issues Conference 15 points
    • Budget/Finance Workshop 15 points
    • Education Forum Pre-Conference 10 points
    • Education Forum Conference 15 points
    • Presidents’ Retreat 15 points
    • Judge and Jury Workshop* 15 points
    • Back to the Basics of School Law* 15 points
    • School Law Seminar         15 points
    • Open Meetings Law Workshop* 15 points
  • Presenter at NASB Conference     10 points
  • Moderator at State Conference      5 points
  • Volunteer at State Conference       5 points
  • State Conf. Mentor Participant       5 points
*Designated workshops and the mentor programs are offered every other year.

NASB Programs & Services
  • ALICAP         10 points/year
  • CJUMP         10 points/year
  • Education Search Service 10 points/year
  • Medicaid Consortium          10 points/year
  • NJUMP          10 points/year
  • Online Policy Service          10 points/year
    • Paperless Board Meetings            10 points/year
  • Policy Service         10 points/year
  • Staff Negotiations         10 points/year
  • Unemployment Insurance 10 points/year
  • Whole Child Project         10 points/year

Local Board Development Activities
  • Community Engagement (with NASB) 15 points
  • Leadership Planning                 15 points
  • M.A.B.E. Steering Committee         5 points/meeting
  • Strategic Planning (with NASB)         15 points

NASB Advocacy
  • NASB Board of Director         2 points/meeting
  • Legislative Advocacy*                 10 points
  • Legislative Committee Member         5 points/meeting
  • Delegate Assembly         15 points
*Award points will be granted, per resolution, to the entire board that proposes a legislative change and/or new legislation.

NSBA Sponsored Learning Experience
  • National Conference Attendance         20 points
  • NSBA committee/task force         5 points/meeting
  • National Conference Presenter         10 points

ESU/AESA Sponsored Learning Experience
  • NESUBA                         5 points/meeting
  • AESA Conference Presenter         10 points
  • AESA Conference Attendance         20 points

  • TeamMates Mentor                             10 points

NASB President’s Board Award & Criteria

This year, seven boards from across Nebraska received the 2015 President’s Board Award.  This award recognizes the board’s collective volunteer time and commitment to education.  The criteria for this award requires that all board members participate in learning opportunities to grow in their governance role by attending education workshops and conferences, conduct a leadership/district goal planning annual retreat, and share in the legislative advocacy for public education.  

Congratulations to the following boards!

Pres 2015 800.png


All board members must attain a minimum of Level I. 

Board must have a voting delegate participate in the Annual NASB Delegate Assembly.

All board members must attend a minimum of three (3) of the following Learning Opportunities:
a) NASB Legislative Issues Conference
b) NASB School Law Seminar
c) NASB/NASA Labor Relations Conference
d) NASB/NASA State Education Conference
e) NASB Area Membership Meeting
f) NASB/NASA Education Forum

Every board member must participate in at least one local leadership team planning retreat per year; a copy of the goals developed during the retreat must be submitted to NASB.

The total points accumulated by the board must equal a minimum of 1,000.

The total points earned during the current board development year (by the individuals serving on the board as of July 15) must equal a minimum of 350.

The deadline for selecting the President’s Board Award winners will be July 31.  In order to be considered for the award, all changes to individual points must be submitted through CRM to the NASB office before July 15.

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