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Legal Resources

School boards must exercise their responsibilities in an increasingly complex legal environment. The Nebraska Association of School Boards understands this reality. The Association offers its members free access to an attorney who will answer basic legal questions. NASB's legal counsel*, Jennifer Jorgensen, aims to provide sound legal information and high-quality workshops to Nebraska school boards and administrators. NASB's legal counsel is available to visit about day-to-day legal questions such as bargaining, boardsmanship, conflict of interest, personnel matters, open meetings and open records, student discipline, and when legal counsel should be hired.

To reach Jennifer Jorgensen, NASB's legal counsel, please call 800-422-4572.

The Legal Services Program does NOT include the following:
  • Legal counsel to Districts/ESUs;
  • Legal representations at any level (board meetings, hearings, or in court);
  • Review of contracts, negotiated agreements, or other legal documents;
  • Drafting legal documents;
  • Legal representation when “the other side” has a lawyer; and
  • Legal representation when “the other side” is another member school district.
  • The Nebraska Association of School Boards also offers an array of workshops that help school boards and administrators understand their legal environment, to keep up-to-date with new and emerging legal developments, and to anticipate, prevent, and overcome legal challenges.
Recent legal workshops include:
  • New Board Member Workshops
  • Open Meetings Laws
The Association also partners with the Nebraska Council of School Attorneys to offer the following legal workshops:
  • Back to the Basics of School Law (Offered in Odd Years)
  • The School Board as Judge and Jury Workshop (Offered in Even Years)
  • School Law Seminar (Offered in June Every Year)

*The NASB Legal Counsel is not empowered to give specific legal advice.