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NASB eMeeting Service

For additional information use the links listed below:

If you are already a member of the NASB eMeeting Service you can click on the following link to log into the eMeeting website: eMeetings Website

If you are not a member of the service and would like to learn more about the service we have a detailed online brochure which will explain what the eMeeting Service offers: eMeetings Brochure

For a more detailed look at the eMeeting Web Application you can view our online eMeeting Demo. We have two demos available online. The first is a slide show showing all the features of the web site. The second demo is in a pdf format.

eMeetings Demo as a PDF

We can also do an on-site or over the phone walk through demonstration of the eMeetings Web Application at your convenience. For more information please contact Craig Caples at 800-422-4572.

If you would like more information please contact Craig Caples at
(800) 422-4572 or by email at

By utilizing, the latest in innovative technology the Nebraska Association of School Boards is proud to offer the NASB eMeeting Service to those school Districts ready to take the next step in online convenience, and want to streamline the school board meeting preparations process.

Advances in technology have made it possible to substantially reduce, or even eliminate the need for paper consumption, postage, and binding board packets. The process of delivering board packets, creating meeting notice, and publishing the agenda can now be done by a click of the mouse.

The NASB eMeeting service is changing the way boards do business as a user-friendly service which allows school districts to streamline the process of developing board packets including posting agendas, supporting materials and other documents online while creating the organization structure needed to increase the efficiency of the process. This service substantially reduces paper use, and increases district efficiency and creates transparency enabling anyone to view board meeting minutes, agendas, attachments, etc. via the district web site. Through utilizing templates, special copy/move functions, and automation preprogrammed in the system developing the board agenda can be quick and painless. One-click notifications can be used to quickly notify board members when the agenda is available.

Thirty-nine public bodies in Nebraska (and 147 public entities in five states) are taking advantage of this service, which substantially reduces paper use, increases district efficiency, and creates transparency. This service will enable anyone to view board meeting minutes, agendas, attachments, etc. via the district web site. Through utilizing templates, special copy/move functions, and automation pre-programmed into the system, developing the board agenda can be quick and painless. One-click notifications can be used to quickly notify board members when the agenda is available.

Through reduced costs in materials and staff labor, districts utilizing the service have recognized cost savings in the first year exceeding $14,000. Areas of savings include, but are not limited to:

  • Reduction of staff time preparing meeting agendas and minutes and eliminating the need to copy meeting documents
  • No postage required
  • Increased efficiency of the distribution of meeting packets
  • Facilitates public and media notice of meetings
  • Savings of time in searching for information from prior meetings
  • Eliminates the need for paper, dividers, postage, mileage and time for delivery of packets
  • Eliminates the need for board members to store board meeting agendas and other papers associated with meetings
  • Instant access to all documents related to meetings, minutes, agenda attachments, policies, etc.


The eMeeting service is web based giving board members and administrative staff access to all information in the system from anywhere in the world by opening a web browser on any internet device. The system is compatible with any computer, tablet, or smartphone. For the users who are not comfortable using technology, the service offers an autopilot feature allowing the user to follow along and participate on a device without having to know how to operate the device.

The eMeeting services also provides your district with:

  • Searches of all eMeeting documents via a quick Search or an Advanced Search (all attachments and contents also searched);
  • The ability for individual users to create personal notes on each agenda item for future reference
  • Downloading and printing of documents;
  • Password protected access for designated features, documents and audiences;
  • Public access to designated documents;
  • District calendar on the portal page, which can be customized for District meetings and events;
  • Ability to link District goals to specific Board meeting agenda items and system-generated reports;
  • Streamlined process of electronically requesting agenda items by selected users;
  • Create committee meetings and instantly move items from a committee meeting into a board meeting, allowing the item to link back to the committee meeting;
  • System links for quick access to sites of particular interest to your Board;

  • The eMeeting program is supported by:

  • Telephone and email assistance from NASB staff;
  • Regular Meeting Manager Alerts emailed from NASB;
  • Regular upgrades to features and functions;
  • Secure maintenance of District documents;
  • Training of new Meeting Managers at NASB at no additional cost.



Franklin Public Schools realized and immediate decrease in production costs associated with preparing for board meetings after implementing the eMeetings service. The amount of time spent collecting, arranging, and publishing items for board meetings has greatly been reduced as well. I would strongly recommend this service to any school district wishing to save time and money.
-Dr. Ken Schroeder, Superintendent, Franklin Public Schools
Schuyler Community Schools Board of Education (and administration) went into the eMeeting project "kicking and screaming". Now our district would never go back to the "create and print" method.
-Robin Stevens, Superintendent, Schuyler Community Schools
The NASB eMeeting Service is a very easy system to learn to operate and that it appears to greatly reduce the amount of paper that most board members deal with.
-Dave Melick, Executive Director of Business Operations and Human Relations, Columbus Public Schools
The eMeeting service is efficient, convenient, and cost saving. It is easy to search past meeting topics and attachments. Board Members and Administrators can access these meetings from any location with Internet. Our district always has one hard copy (paper copy) of every meeting in case the Internet would go down during a scheduled Board Meeting.

The bookkeeper, principal, and superintendent can all add their own attachments/reports to the eMeeting website. This takes some of the workload off of the person entering the agenda and motions. One of the greatest advantages of eMeetings is that the Board Minutes are 90% completed when the Board Meeting is over. I strongly recommend eMeetings as a cost-saving, efficient, and convenient method for Board Meetings.
-Lana Sides, Superintendent, Banner County Schools
The eMeeting service from NASB has positively impacted our district’s efficiency in distributing information to the members of the Board of Education. Additionally, the eMeeting service allows board members and district officials to access board information from any location, which is especially helpful for board members and administrators who have professional travel obligations.

At Bayard Public Schools we have used iPads for our eMeetings. Board members have access to all of the board information through the eMeeting service and do not have to shuffle through stacks of paper during the meeting. The search features within the eMeeting service provide a useful reference tool when there is a need to look at documents from previous meetings.

In short, the eMeeting service has helped to become more effective and more efficient as a district.
-Travis Miller, Superintendent, Bayard Public Schools
It is so nice to click a button and know that my Board has received their board packet. The funds that we save in postage is better utilized throughout the district!
-Lisa Frahm, Administrative Assistant, Gering Public Schools
Since Columbus Public Schools started the eMeeting Service and began using the system, we have experienced a reduction in costs by reducing the number of hard copies and postage used, increased efficiency by streamlining our work, and gave Board Members and district staff the opportunity to utilize one of the most advanced stages of technology.

The ability to set District preferences and designate security status and then create a meeting agenda (specific to CPS), revise, add, or change the agenda in the development stage, and then publish the agenda for Board Members and district staff to view in advance of the meeting has greatly streamlined the board meeting process for CPS. Having the board meeting agenda projected on a public screen during the meeting has greatly helped those in attendance follow and become more involved in the meeting.

The capability of having our policy manual on line has been an asset for administrators when needing information on a specific topic and having it available at the click of a key. CPS staff is able to take advantage of the latest advances in technology; therefore keeping all staff informed.

In summation, the eMeeting system is pretty straight-forward and quite user friendly. The decision to use the eMeeting Service was a step in the RIGHT direction for Columbus Public Schools.
-Gail Placek, Superintendent Secetary, Columbus Public Schools
Holdrege Public Schools was one of the first school districts in the state to pilot the eMeeting service in 2006, and we can’t imagine operating without it! NASB’s dedication to providing this service and their continual response to feedback have made eMeeting a vitally efficient and effective tool.
-Sandy Dunaway, Board Secretary, Holdrege Public Schools





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