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Board Operations

The effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the boardroom can affect how school employees view and perform their work, how students learn, and if the district can impact support from parents and patrons.   It is important to remember the board is judged by the public on how well they conduct business during monthly board meetings.  What a patron can tell about the board’s attitude, relationships, and discussion is often times a reflection of the school district. 
Handling board business in public in a positive and effective manner can be defined through consistency.  An efficient process with a board meeting begins with the following:

  • No surprises by the superintendent or board at the meeting.

  • All board members will come to meetings properly prepared and willing to participate in board discussion. 

  • The board should expect that members will receive the board packet in a timely fashion. The packet should contain complete and comprehensive information to assist the board in their decision-making.

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