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Board Superintendent Relations

The Leadership Team

The relationship between the superintendent and the school board is based upon their understanding of leadership and governance roles the superintendent and board fulfill. Through effective board governance, the leadership team remains focused on growth and improved student learning and achievement. The superintendent and board will avoid critical misunderstandings and issues that ultimately prevent the progress of educational decision-making in a positive manner for the good of the district.

The NASB board development protocol recommends the board and superintendent participate in an annual planning session to review the district vision and goals, as well as board and superintendent goals. The work session ensures a collaborative approach to the education provided in the district.

Several factors may prevent the continuing growth of this working relationship. The election of new board members can shift the foundation creating an unstable tone and climate for the superintendent, or a shift in the community’s priorities can impose upon the working relationship.

In order to establish a definitive foundation, the Nebraska Association of School Boards provides continued support and assistance to superintendents and boards as they work diligently to create a positive working relationship.

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