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NJUMP/CJUMP Natural Gas Purchasing Program


NJUMP and CJUMP are Interlocal Pools created for public agencies to purchase natural gas and related services on the Black Hills Energy pipeline distribution system (the CJUMP portion of the system was formerly SourceGas). These joint energy purchasing consortiums are sponsored by NASB.

NJUMP - Nebraska Joint Utility Management Program
CJUMP - Choice Joint Utilities Management Program

NJUMP and CJUMP were designed to provide a high degree of price certainty in the purchase of natural gas at competitive prices for Nebraska school districts and ESUs to make more funds available for technology, staff development, and other educational goals.

Each program is governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of representatives from its members as well as a designee of NASB's Executive Director and a designated officer from the NASB Board of Directors. NJUMP became operational in 2004 and CJUMP became operational in 2012. NJUMP and CJUMP now provide over 110 Nebraska schools with natural gas and related services.

WoodRiver Energy is the Program Administrator for NJUMP. Public Alliance for Community Energy (ACE) is the Program Administrator of CJUMP. The Program Administrators provide energy products and services to various users of natural gas. NJUMP and CJUMP allow your district or ESU to become part of a much larger user group for purchasing natural gas and provide a long-term answer for obtaining reliable natural gas supplies.

For more information, or to join please contact:

Jim Luebbe  -   jluebbe@NASBonline.org
Nebraska Association of School Boards
1311 Stockwell Street  -  Lincoln, NE 68502

NJUMP Board of Trustees

 CJUMP Board of Trustees

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