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Board of Excellence Criteria

All boards who are recipients of the President’s Board Award or the Board of Excellence Award will be presented the award at their local Area Membership Meeting.

In 2023, 13 boards received the Board of Excellence Award
Ainsworth Community Schools
David City Public Schools
Gretna Public Schools
Heartland Community Schools
Hershey Public Schools
Norris School District 160
North Platte Public Schools
Palmer Public Schools
Papillion La Vista Community Schools
Ralston Public Schools
St. Paul Public Schools
Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca Public Schools
York Public Schools


Board members must attain a minimum of Level I Award.

Board must have a voting delegate participate in the Annual NASB Delegate Assembly.

Members of the board must each attend a minimum of (2) two of the following Learning Opportunities during the current points year (Aug. 1 through July 31):

  • NASB /NASA State Education Conference
  • NASB/NASA Labor Relations Conference
  • NASB Area Membership Meeting
  • NASB Budget & Finance Workshop
  • NASB Legislative Issues Conference
  • NASB School Law Seminar
  • NSBA Annual Conference/AESA National Conference*
  • (*one of these conferences per individual board member will count toward the board award)

Board members must participate in at least one local leadership team planning retreat per year; a copy of the goals developed during the retreat must be submitted to NASB.

The total points accumulated by the board must equal a minimum of 1,000.

The total points earned during the current Board Development year (by the individuals serving on the board as of July 31), must equal a minimum of 350.

The Board of Excellence award may be awarded to boards who meet the above criteria with the exclusion of one board member; i.e., 5 of 6 members for a six-member board; 8 of 9 members for a nine-member board, etc.

The deadline for selecting the NASB Board of Excellence Award winners will be July 31. To be considered for the award, all changes to individual points must be submitted through CRM to the NASB office before July 15.

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