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NASB's Legislative Agenda

NASB's legislative agenda is developed annually by submissions from our members, and brought forward to the Delegate Assembly for approval. All submission must align with the following beliefs that:

  • All Nebraska children shall have equitable access to a high quality public education that prepares them to thrive in the evolving 21st century.
  • Schools and communities need to address the whole child, which includes the physical, developmental, behavioral, and mental health of children.
  • Local school boards must have the resources and authority to serve ALL children.
  • Local school boards shall have board governance standards that address the role and expectations of individual school board members and the board as a whole.
  • Local school boards must have the ability to evaluate the effectiveness and fiscal solvency of the programs established by the district.
  • Local school boards need to adequately support its administration and staff and hold them accountable.
  • Local school boards must have maximum flexibility to govern their schools.
  • Local school boards must engage the community and be responsive to the needs, desires and concerns of their families to ensure student success.
  • Nebraska public schools must have adequate, predictable and equitable funding.
  • The NASB board, staff and members have a responsibility to lead a vision for education in the state of Nebraska to promote these beliefs.

To have a say in future legislation, send us your Legislative Submissions. Submissions for the upcoming year are due July 1, but ideas are accepted for future consideration year round:

Colby Coash | Nebraska Association of School Boards
1311 Stockwell Street | Lincoln, NE 68502

*You may also contact NASB for assistance in drafting your Board’s proposals.

Have something that you feel “... ought to be a law” regarding public education in Nebraska, submit it for consideration at 


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