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Columbus Public Schools
High School Administration - Assistant Principal



  1. Master's Degree with a major in educational administration.
  2. Valid Nebraska certificate to practice as a school principal or is eligible for one.
  3. Some demonstrated successful experiences in supervising and working with adolescents outside of a classroom setting.    
REPORTS TO: High School Principal


  1. Teaching staff and paraprofessionals.
  2. Other professional staff.
  3. Student body.
  4. Non-professional school staff
  5. Other resource and service personnel while functioning in the assigned school.

JOB GOAL: By the use of leadership, supervisory and administrative skills, manage assigned school so as to promote the educational development of each student.
JOB GOAL - ORGANIZATION: The orderly distribution of tasks, authority and responsibility among individuals and groups in order to accomplish the goals of the school system.


  1. Serves as a member of the Building and Administrative Teams.
  2. Budgets school time to provide for the efficient conduct of school instruction and business.
  3. Plans and supervises fire drills, tornado drills and emergency preparedness programs.
  4. Supervises the preparation of all school reports for the Principal and District Offices as requested.
  5. Keeps abreast of changes and developments in the profession by attending professional meetings, reading professional journals and other publications, and discussing problems of mutual interest with others in the field.
  6. Periodically advises the Building Principal of problems in the operation of the building and recommends courses of action to mediate those problems.
  7. Responsible for the direction of the school's pupil personnel programs in attendance/discipline.
  8. Responsible for assisting the Activities Director in the supervision and administration of the extracurricular program.
  9. Acts as a liaison between the school and the community, interpreting activities and policies of the school and encouraging community participation in school life.
  10. Makes arrangements for special conferences between parents and school personnel.
JOB GOAL - INSTRUCTION: Assists in the organization and guidance of staff to analyze needs, plan, implement and evaluate to improve instruction to continually better meet student needs.


  1. Assists in the supervision of the school's educational program.
  2. Provides leadership for the development, revisions and evaluation of the curriculum when so assigned.
  3. Assists in the recruiting, screening, hiring, training, assigning and evaluating of the school's professional staff.
  4. Assists in the in-service, orientation and training of teachers.


  1. Selection, appraisal and improvement of instructional staff performance.
  2. Assists in the selection and screening of potential staff members to fill positions when appropriate.
  3. Evaluates and counsels assigned professional staff regarding individual performance to provide the best educational opportunities for students.


  1. Supervises assigned professional, paraprofessional and non-professional personnel attached to the school.
  2. Assists in the orientation of new staff members.
  3. Conducts meetings of the staff necessary for the proper functioning of the school.
  4. Has demonstrated competency in Clinical Supervision.
  5. Trained in and knowledgeable of District recruitment and selection procedures.
  6. Assists in the recommendation for the removal of a teacher whose work is unsatisfactory according to established District procedures.
JOB GOAL - SCHOOL MANAGEMENT: By use of leadership, supervisory and administrative skills, manage assigned school so as to promote the educational development of each student.


  1. Assists in the responsibility for the safety and administration of the school plant.
  2. Assists in the implementation and observation of all Board Policies and Regulations by the school's staff and students.
  3. Maintains high standards of student conduct and enforces discipline as necessary, according to due process to the rights of the students.
  4. Asserts leadership in times of civil disobedience in school in accordance with Board Policy.
  5. Supervises the maintenance of accurate records on the progress and attendance of students.
  6. Assists in the direction of the activities of the Student Study Teams.
  7. Works with the Central Office on problems of a District nature when so requested.
  8. Attends special events held to recognize student achievement and attends school-sponsored activities, functions and athletic events.
  9. Develops, supervises and directs those programs for the more efficient operation of the building as assigned by the Building Principal.
Never 0%, Occasional 1-32%, Frequent 33-66%, Constant 67%+

Occasional: sitting, bending, stooping, reaching, pulling, driving, lifting 10# max, and carrying 20 ft.

Frequent: standing, walking, and climbing



Shari Becker - Director of Search Service
Nebraska Association of School Boards
1311 Stockwell Street - Lincoln, NE 68502

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