"Recently, Ainsworth Community Schools embarked on what I thought would be an arduous task of conducting a search for new leadership. Our current superintendent had served the district for 14 years, so only one of our board members had been part of a search before. To make it even more challenging, our board president would be retiring in the midst of the process and I would be acclimating to that role at the same time. Fortunately, we knew of our superintendent’s plans by September, so we selected NASB early in the process to help us identify and hire a successor. That decision certainly turned out to be as important as the final one, where we chose our new leadership."
- Jim Arens, Board of Education

"During the Superintendent Search process, NASB worked diligently to engage all stakeholders in the district including administrators, staff, students, business leaders, patrons and parents. The staff at NASB also worked closely with the board to ensure they understood exactly what our board and district wanted in a new leader. The team at NASB was knowledgeable and committed to creating a smooth process for everyone involved. They were also available when we had questions outside of the regular meeting times.
- Mike Morrell, Board of Education


“NASB was an invaluable resource in the Garden County Schools search for a new superintendent. The knowledge and experience they have streamlined the process taking a lot of pressure off of the board… Hiring the superintendent is the most important job of the school board. Using the professional service provided by NASB is well worth the cost.”
- Randy Stanczyk, President Board of Education

“When our Superintendent resigned in the Spring of 2018, we went into panic mode! Only one of our board members had ever been involved in a search for a new Superintendent before and that was 10 years ago. After being approached by four different search firms and much discussion, we chose NASB. The team of two that assisted us in our search were professional, knowledgeable, courteous and very prompt. They did a wonderful job of keeping us on task and focused in order to meet our quickly approaching deadline. The focus was always on MPS and what was best for the students and the community! This was one of the biggest decisions we have ever made as a board and it required numerous hours of discussion and focus, and we are proud that NASB was our partner through the entire process!!”
- Craig Grams, President Board of Education


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Nebraska Association of School Boards
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